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A company with the main focus of creating the vision and atmosphere for our clients using state of the art technologies to create lighting designs and 3D CAD drawings for medium to large scale events and shows. And with 2020 being a shake up in the industry, we made some changes to bring new products to the market.

We can now offer more than just those mentioned above. With close ties in the industry we can now help with hire and sales for all kinds of production equipment and communications, event ticketing, event accreditation, LED interactive activations, user interactions and much more! 

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Services We Use

These are just a few of our own services that we use to streamline our workflow and help your event become a success.

Event Ticketing made Ezy! TicketEzy is our public event ticketing platform that we offer to anyone and everyone that wants a simple yet powerful event ticketing platform that is 100% free for organisers to use. From free Events all the way through to large scale festivals. Our ticketing platform can handle it. You can even have allocated seating and sell merchandise all from a simple and Ezy to use ticketing platform!

Providing you with all the tech tools you need at a decent price for all. Tools made for the industry by the industry. From lanyard holders to hammocks. We have it all!

Purchase custom accreditation for all types of events. Lanyards, RFID wristbands, ID cards, car passes the lot! You name it we can do it!

From light up wristbands to accred lanyards! We can light and control them all!

InterLED or Interactive LED is one of our products that launched in 2021.

We have collaborated with a manufacturer to supply world class wirelessly controlled LED products to the NZ and Auz market. These products can be purchased for any type of event. From a small audience capacity of 200 people, all the way up to a stadium capacity of 40,000 people.

There’s endless possibilities when it comes to LED technology, but what makes it better is when it’s wirelessly controlled LED technology.

We are able to provide either non branded or custom branded products that can be given to your audience as merchandise.

*Select few products are brandable*

Who is UNITED Group Live

UNITED Group Live was made when we realised the potential we had in producing multiple streams of services to provide to the live events industry.

As a whole, we can cater to all aspects of events from event management all the way through to the cashless payment wristbands for attendees.

With access to state of the art technology, we are able to run everything remotely and on site for all type of events. With our own event ticketing platform TicketEzy, we are able to easily integrate ticketing to all other systems that we use to produce events as well as making it an all inclusive experience for us and the promoters.

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